MongoDb Repo Plugin

A highly functional data access layer for a MongoDb database.


  • Domain driven ORM supporting divergence between data model and domain.
  • CRUD, Patch, and Upsert for single and multiple entities.
  • Embedding and Cascading enabling full continuity for single-hit writes of parent and child entities.
  • Read-optimized by placing the burden of joins and embedding into write operations.
  • COTN smart defaults and optional DDL on demand for low-code implementation of typical scenarios.
  • Comppliant with Standard Codiac Interfaces enabling seamless use of multiple data source providers across a given domain

Getting Started

Add the plugin to your api startup script runner...


Register the server address for your mongoDb in your api definition's bootstrap() method... NOTE: The plugin will automatically register mongodb with your api using default values, so if you plan to take all the defaults, even this step is unnecessary.