Asset Development

Asset development is the first part of Codiac's three-tier workflow for maintaining an enterprise in a containerized cluster. It is defining an enterprise asset and publishing it to a container registry.

Asset Development Processes:

  • Declaring an Asset in an enterprise
  • Source control, branching, and merging
  • Defining configuration settings for it
  • Applying concrete configuration values for various environments
  • Declaring and building its docker image
  • Publishing new versions of its image to a container registry

  Asset Development

NOTE: The moment you decide to deploy that asset, you've just crossed over into the DevOps tier.

CLI Commands for Asset Development

You will be using the following Codiac CLI during asset development

  • init
  • build
  • dep
  • run
  • image
  • package
  • config
  • envar
  • Source Control
    • branch
    • stage
    • commit
    • push
    • pull
    • merge
    • sync
  • publish